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Weddings Cinemart is well known for it’s epic films and creative commercials and tourist videos. Weddings Cinemart creates short artistic stories with individual approach to client. Special moments in synergy with dynamic music, cinematic angles and aerials will make your film timeless.

Cinematic color grading technique and the amazing aerials are their speciality. Regardless of the destination, they will set the mood that suits the client and seamlessly incorporate traditional and modern elements. Besides the cinematography they provide the art photography as well.

Available worldwide they merge wishes of the clients and their vision. They have a friendly approach, yet they are very professional, but practically invisible during filming.

Slaven Blagsic is an award winning Cinematographer that won many awards, among them the film Aerial Reel won an International Award for the Best Tourist Film in 2017 at Istanbul Tourism Film Festival and the award for the Best Tourist Film at Jahorina Film Festival 2017.

Slaven is the owner of Weddings Cinemart and recognized cinematographer all over the world.

He is a person with the passion and an eye for a fine details that will make your film an ultimate artistic experience. Slaven is always striving for perfection and he is determined in making only the best quality of his work.

Friendly and highly professional approach are his main characteristics.

His musical background and the polished sense for beat has largely influenced his work. Synergy of music and footage joined in one unique story is a distinctive feature of his films recognized by many couples and top industry experts.


Exceptional attention is brought to details and couple's love story using latest technology and latest trends. In weddings we use licenced music and group together couple's emotions and footage.

In addition to the wedding film the newlyweds can request a film of the entire wedding that is also carefully designed and dynamically assembled exclusively with the most interesting events, where there is no need for speeding up the recording.


Color-grading is the process of altering and enhacing the color of motion picture.

There is no unversal color-grading that can be applied but there are thousands of features and options that can be used to achieve that specific look.

To have a better insight into the "before&after" see this Color-Grading Reel.

USB stick

Each client will receive USB stick containing requested materials.

Client can order personalized wedding poster as a part of the package.

Explore some examples.


Almost every tact of the licensed bacground music is in line with the frames.

The preceding selection of the music background is taken very carefully to paint the atmosphere and emotions of the film in the best way possible.


We can arrange shooting at different locations which usually takes place the day before or the day after the actual event.

Whether it is the destination wedding, elopement or engagement event the shooting can take place anywhere you wish on the Mediterranean islands and Dalmatia and worldwide, including all major European and Worldwide cities and the most frequent places in Croatia such as Dubrovnik, Vis, Brač, Hvar, Stari grad, Korčula, Istria, Rovinj and many others.


The shooting is usually performed by two or more cameramen.

It is also fulfilled with the additional equipment and techniques such as steadicam, slider, multicopter and similar.

The special sound equipment is used for separate sound recording which is then aligned with the movie frames.

Shooting in 35mm film format gives us countless opportunities to achieve the cinematic effect.

All the images are running in HD or 4K quality. In addition to the exceptional knowledge and skills of the cameramen the details also play very important role.