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We are always delighted to be part of the story...

Here are some highlights of the events we worked on.

Your love and immense talent shined through every aspect that you captured.

You are so humble and so great at what you do.

It's not easy to take on a project where the couple lives an ocean away. Yet, you were so graceful about all the challenges. You approached our ideas and traditions with such respect and infused our video with a unique perspective perfect for the Indian wedding of two American/Indians in Spain. We cannot thank you enough for all the time you spent in person, via Skype, or via email working with us to make our wedding perfect.

Every angle and perspective is so energetic, modern, and vivid. The music is so fitting and you picked the best moments to include in the five minute film.

Because of your hard work, we will have the most perfect memories of our wedding to watch again and again. Thank you for everything you did for us! It was truly a pleasure to work with you.

You also worked so well with our other vendors, and made sure that everything came together. It really showed through in the final product.

Above all, we really appreciate your expertise and honest advice.

Again, many many thanks for everything."

Jill and Niraj and our families, USA
Hi Slaven, wanted to thank you once again. We sent the DVD to the whole family and they all loved it. Brilliant work to the finest detail, really. Man, ur movies are dangerous!

U should send a package of napkins with every dvd :) Thanks a lot! We love it!
Piotr Sliwa, Poland
Bravo Slaven it's great :):):) We are so glad we met you... It was the superior fun, as Željko would said....

You are such a cool team. We were really glad that you "enjoyed" with us too. We watched the movie around 100 times. It's extra!
Natasa i Aleks Skobic, Switzerland
So awesome! Nearly took my breath away!!! One day I hope to be as good as you! :))) Bravo my good man!!!!! I must say... your shots are just amazing!!! How you edit them all together!!! I can't hardly sleep at night from studying your work haha!!! Your glidecam shots are smooth as butter ha! Keep up the good work!!! :)
Brian Bunn, USA
There's something about a man doing something what he likes, this is certainly reflected in his work. The DVD is very very nice, whoever looked at him was delighted. Worth every penny, if not more. We told everyone about you and shared the film so that everyone can see what it looks like when professionals work.

Our special day was captured with a really superb film and DVD. Nicely done. Cover was beyond our expectations.
Marko i Bojana Komadina, Croatia
That was amazing. You capture the emotion in such smooth motion... Its a fluid cinema in its finest. You guys are always an ninspiration to us to do the best.
Neil Anthony Rollon, New York
Absolutely amazing, the color, the tone, this is epic Slaven, really epic!
Pepe Gay, Spain
Well done Slaven, congratulations. As I used to admire to R. Balašku (and I stil do), I also admire your work since it is so special.

P.S. Glidecam tutorial is a must! :-)
D&S Studio Films, Croatia
Hey, we viewed our film at least 10 times and we still want to watch it. Everything is too perfect, short film is excellent, the music is excellent, each moment is carefully selected :):)
Tina Jelenovic, Croatia
Slaven your weddings are ...Cinemart! Well done for excellent work!
Photostore, Greece